The First Note

We thrive on ensuring the student gets the most out of their lesson. From the very first note the student plays, our skilled teachers will tailor their lessons to fit their personal interests.

Teach In Harmony

Students learn best when they are comfortable with a teacher they connect to both personally and musically.  We have assembled a diverse, understanding, and welcoming group of teachers.  If you feel as though you or your child would benefit from lessons with another teacher, or different approach to teaching, let us know.

The Future Sounds Good

While music lessons at this location has a rich history, Sunnyside has redirected our efforts and are swiftly emerging as music school that continues to grow in numbers, while maintaining a small community feel. We are continually creating interesting classes, workshops, and ensuring that we engage talented teachers to lead the way. Don’t miss out on our enrollment spikes (September and January), as space is taken quickly