Shannon Deavy is a certified music therapist working in Lanark County and the Ottawa area. She recieved her BMT (Bachelor of Music Therapy) from Acadia University, achieved her Board Certification and is a member in good standing with the Canadian Association of Music Therapists.
Michael Darling instills a love of music in new students, bringing warmth, humour, and liveliness to lessons. Always eager to lend a hand, Michael teaches with a calm, patient and friendly tone.
Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Mandy has been playing the piano for over 12 years and has been teaching at the school since September of 2019. She is currently studying business at the University of Ottawa.
Laura Gagnon is a Canadian musician. Born in Strathroy, she grew up in London, Ontario. An accomplished songwriter and musician, she also possesses a five-octave vocal range and is considered a mezzo-soprano.
Tim has been involved with music most of his life and began his first formal training on Accordian and spent many happy hours jamming with his dad; his first musical mentor. After switching over to piano he began experimenting with songwriting and developing his singing voice.
Eileen got her Bachelors of Music in piano performance from the University of Saskatchewan.  She has been teaching piano for 20 years, her students ranging in age from 6 and up. (5 year olds may work, a discussion before the first lesson is recommended.
Catherine Alves Cardeal has been providing Vocal and Piano lessons for over 15 years. Her classical training has been both […]
Andrew Knox is a well-rounded Trumpeter and Keyboardist based in Ottawa, Ontario. From an early age, Andrew has gained a great knowledge in different genres including Classical, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Folk, R&B, and Hip-Hop.
Sundar has played guitar for close to 30 years and has taught music technology (recording/production), music theory, and music history at the university level for ten years.
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