Eileen got her Bachelors of Music in piano performance from the University of Saskatchewan.  She has been teaching piano for 20 years, her students ranging in age from 6 and up. (5 year olds may work, a discussion before the first lesson is recommended.

Eileen’s teaching can suit the goal of each student, whether it’s classical piano training, preparation for the RCM piano exams, learning  students’ favorite pop tunes or movie sound tracks, or just learning musical skills like note reading, technical proficiency and musicianship,then deciding what they would like to achieve in the  long term.

Eileen focuses on in-class exercises and drills so that students internalize the process of learning pieces, especially the playing aspects, so they  can see concrete results and be encouraged to continue learning piano. She believes that it’s important to maintain a balance with having fun while continuing to get results in order to engage students.


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