Laura Gagnon is a Canadian musician. Born in Strathroy, she grew up in London, Ontario. An accomplished songwriter and musician, she also possesses a five-octave vocal range and is considered a mezzo-soprano. Disney’esque pop artist. 2011-2012 London best Pop artist of the year, London Music Awards. Collaborating with artists like Dale Russell lead guitarist of the Guess Who and Nick Panaseiko of Elektro Media Group. Laura is currently working with “The Darren Patrick” Agency to book her next summer tour. Laura was given the opportunity to singing the Canadian national Anthem at Maples For Vimy, tree planting commemoration in France 2017 and was invited back a year later for armistice to sing the anthem again as well as “Imagine” by John Lennon. Laura is currently working on her 3rd album in Hope’s of booking a European tour to promote her hit single “You Are The Light”.


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